State-of-the-art Stereology Solutions

In a rapidly evolving world of computerized stereology, you want a company that depends on its experience to make bold decisions, have an open mind about learning new things and adapt to the context in which it is now operating.

Our past success notwithstanding, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the computerized stereology experience for our customers.

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Stereology Solutions from SRC Biosciences

The powerful and cost-effective Stereologer system includesCurrent version of the Stereologer software with best version of deep stereology program* (beta v1.0); High performance motorized XYZ stage; High resolution imaging system for brightfield and fluorescence microscopy; New computer with high-speed processor and high resolution monitor; Full installation and training; Stage micrometer for lens calibration; Stereology textbook and Stereologer manual; and, Three years of maintenance and support via phone and remote desktop access.

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Stereologer: The most automated and affordable stereology system in the industry