Stereology Books

“Easily the most clear and concise of the stereology books available. Dr. Mouton makes quite dry material interesting to read and learn.”

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Stereology Books

Initially written to support of the SRC’s highly popular Stereology Workshops, Dr. Mouton’s stereology books share two decades of the training, insight and experience in the application of stereology approaches to biological structure. 

The only stereology texts specifically designed for the full range of stereology applications used by all computerized stereology systems.

In simple terms and with a minimum of jargon, Dr. Mouton’s stereology books explain the theoretical and practical information needed to collect accurate and efficient stereology data.

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The most complete, up-to-date resource on the science of unbiased stereology.”

“Those new to bioscience research as well as experienced practitioners will find that Mouton’s explanations are the perfect companion for stereology courses and workshops.

This book is well-written and straightforward introduction to the basic principles of modern stereology.”

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