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Computerized Stereology with Self Counting

Stereologer now available with Self Counting Stereology

“Top Technology Innovation” by Florida High Technology Magazine.

Stereologer is the only computerized system with award-winning Self-Counting Stereology shown by peer-reviewed publications to have equal accuracy, higher reproducibility and more than 10x greater efficiency than manual stereology (see below).

A Stereologer system with Self-Counting Stereology can be added to your existing hardware or purchased as a Turnkey Package*:

High performance motorized XYZ stage
High resolution digital imaging system
Stereology training and set-up for current and planned projects
Continuing Stereology and Technical Support via email, phone and remote access
Stereology tutorial, manuals and textbooks
Current version of Stereologer with Self Counting Stereology (beta v1.0).

*Stereologer is always Purchase-To-Own — no hidden “annual user fees” required for year-to-year by other computerized stereology systems.

Stereology Workshops

Request a quote to add Self-Counting (Automatic) Stereology to your current stereology hardware .

Self Counting Stereology

SRC Biosciences has recently introduced the first Self-Counting (Automatic) approach for computerized stereology of stained objects (cells) on tissue sections. Self Counting Stereology allows for the completion of more stereology studies with less costs for time and labor than conventional stereology using manual counting.  Furthermore, the Self Counting software from SRC biosciences uses the same hardware configuration, the approach is compatible with computerized stereology systems sold by all vendors.  Contact Us to convert to Self Counting Stereology and increase work productivity, reduce costs and accelerate scientific discoveries for all biology and biomedical disciplines.

*Developed with grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) to SRC Biosciences (Stereology Resource Center, Inc.; PI Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D.). Currently in beta testing in the U.S., this patented approach [Fully Automatic Stereology Technology (Stereologer FAST™)*] shows equal accuracy to manual stereology but with 100% reproducibility (Test/Retest Precision) and 10x or more higher efficiency.

Recent publications in the Special Issue of the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy.

Other SRC Publications. In collaboration with top publishers of medical-science textbooks, the SRC produces professionally written and illustrated stereology books for beginners and scientists with previous stereology experience.

Neurostereology (Wiley-Blackwell Press, Boston, December 2013)

Unbiased Stereology: A Concise Guide (The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2011)

Principles And Practices Of Unbiased Stereology: An Introduction For Bioscientists (The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 2002)

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