Comparison of Stereology Services
Comparison of Computerized Stereology Systems
Companies That Sell Computerized Stereology SystemsSRCVisioPharmMBFBioquant
Automatic Stereology (currently in beta testing)
Comprehensive Stereology Support [computerized systems, outsourcing services, expert assist with study design, professional training, stereology books, etc.]
Computerized Stereology Software priced thousands of dollars less
Teach Stereology Workshops & Courses For Bioscientists

Peer-reviewed Stereology Books By Professional Publishers
Owned And Operated By Ph.D. trained Stereologists and Bioscientists
Stereology of Real-time Microscope and Stored Images
Options for fully Manual, Semi-Automatic and Manual Stereology

Vendors of Computerized Stereology Systems

SRC: Stereology Resource Center, Inc. (Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL)
Visiopharm: VisioPharm A/S (Hoersholm, Denmark)
MBF: Microbrightfield (MBF Bioscience, Inc., Williston, VT)
Bioquant: Bioquant Image Analysis, Inc. (Nashville, TN)

What you get: Users of different computerized stereology systems consistently pick Stereologer on the basis of automation, user-friendly workflow, affordability, and year-over-year satisfaction.

What you avoid with Stereologer:

Upselling or annoying salespeople. The SRC is dedicated to providing affordable stereology resources to the international bioscience community. We do not participate in aggressive upselling of overpriced hardware, unnecessary software and other services unrelated to your projects. The majority of our customers appreciate this benefit of our sales approach a great deal.

Being Overcharged. Stereologer users save tens of thousands of dollars at initial purchase and thousands more every year on support contracts. A review of quotes for comparable systems reveals that some companies dramatically overcharge customers for stereology-related hardware (microscopes, motorized stage, camera, computer/monitor).

Annual Licensing Fees. When you buy a Stereologer system you own it, with the option for the lowest-priced support contracts in the industry.  Compare this systems with annual licensing fees for less user-friendly software and higher prices for support contracts.

Give your funding agency and equipment budget a break. Request an online Stereologer quote at Request A Quotecall (410) 739-1667 or send us an email at