Stereology for Government Research

For over two decades a wide variety of federal and state research groups have relied heavily on stereology for government research projects.

Stereology for government researchThe highly affordable Stereologer has the strongest benefit: cost ratio in the industry.

The straightforward user-friendly workflow and system integration provides an ideal platform for new and experienced researchers and technical staff.

Every system includes professional training in stereology principles and Stereologer operation, allowing data collection and project completion in the shortest time possible.

Our support team is available for technical and stereology support within 24 to 48-hours.

The SRC is a veteran-owned company registered and registered with all government contracting registries, including CCR, SAM and ORCA.

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Professional Contract Research

stereology_slide_box-450x450-1Contract Services is a cost-effective contract research organization for generating tissue sections and collecting stereology data. 

Stereology Workshops

Workshop_LectureStereology Workshops sponsored by the SRC have trained over three thousand bioscientists bioscientists since 1995. Click here for details of upcoming courses.

Stereology Books and Publications
  • Book CropNeurostereology: Unbiased Stereology Of Neural Systems (January 2014) by Wiley-Blackwell Press (Boston, MA)
  • Unbiased Stereology: A Concise Guide (August 2011) by The Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore, MD)
  • Principles And Practices Of Unbiased Stereology: An Introduction For Bioscientists (May 2002) by The Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore, MD)

For over a decade a wide range of books publishers and journals have published results from hundreds of research laboratories using the Stereologer system. Click here for a sample of publications.