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SRC Biosciences: Stereology CRO For Private Industry

Regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration increasingly require unbiased stereology data in support of preclinical studies for drug approval. For more than two decades SRC Biosciences: Stereology CRO has worked under strict confidentiality with the pharmaceutical industry to assess the efficacy, potency and safety of compounds in development.

SRC Biosciences: Stereology CRO for Private Industry puts clients in Pharma and other industries in contact with stereology experts.  Together, we review the scientific and logistical issues of your project:

Tissue Harvesting and Transport. Protocols for tissue removal, preservation, and shipping to our laboratories.

Tissue Processing. Expert embedding, sectioning, sampling and staining for stereology analysis.

Stereology Analysis. Experiences technicians use high-throughput computerized systems to collect data from tissue sections.

Certified Final Report. Statistical analysis with Methods, Graphical and Tabular Results, Images, and References.

Costs and Time Frame. The least costly and most efficient option to obtain stereology results.

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