Stereology Research For Academia

SRC Bioscience has been the leading provider of state-of-the-art computerized stereology systems for academic laboratories for more than two decades. As bioscientists ourselves we understanding your problems and how to solve them.

With funding support from National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation,  SRC Biosciences has introduced more cutting-edge innovations than all other stereology systems combined.

Find out about our exciting new “deep stereology” innovation — the combination of unbiased stereology with deep learning networks for automatic stereology.  For an increasing number of staining protocols (neurons, microglia, etc.) this approach achieves equal accuracy but with higher reproducibility in a small fraction of the time and labor required for conventional stereology.

If you’re still paying high annual user fees for your manual stereology software and poor user support, we guarantee you can save money and increase productivity using the Stereologer system.

Contact Us The are equipment can be converted to software with full options for manual, semi-automatic (user-verified) and fully automatic stereology.

The Stereologer System: Computerized Stereology From SRC Biosciences