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Stereologer (ster-ē-äl-əjər, rhymes with “Biologer”): hardware-software combination that works with any types of microscope and images, including brightfield, upright, inverted, fluorescence, confocal and electron microscopy.

Users consistently rate Stereologer as the most innovative, user-friendly and affordable solution for computerized stereology in the industry.


Stereology (ster-ē-äl-əjēfrom the Greek, stereos — the study of three-dimensional objects

Unbiased (design-based) Stereology: stereology solutions specifically designed to avoid all known sources of methodological bias when quantifying biological structure. Reviewers for scientific journals, funding agencies and regulatory bodies prefer, and in some cases require, design-based (unbiased) stereology methods.

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Applications. More than 10,000 products and services and more than 3000 peer-reviewed publications (and counting!) in the scientific literature since 1995

Basic Science: Discover mechanisms for disease and toxic effects.
Pathology & Toxicology: Changes in tissues from disease and toxins.
Experimental Psychology: Understand brain-behavior correlations.
Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Develop novel strategies for the therapeutic management of disease.

Innovations. If there’s something you like about computerized stereology, including systems sold by other companies, there’s a good chance it was developed by us!  Since 1995 the SRC has developed and distributed a wide variety of stereology solutions to global bioscience community. our latest breakthrough is automatic stereology using deep learning (Deep Stereology): the same accuracy as manual counting but in a small fraction (1/20th) of the time.

Stereology Training. We have trained more than 4,000 bioscientists worldwide in the theory and practice of unbiased stereology. Importantly, we do not simply send our customers to online sources with questionable accuracy (e.g., “Stereology Information Center”), we train you personally in the theory and practical steps you need to complete your projects with accuracy and high efficiency.

Computerized Stereology Systems. For more than two decades the leading stereology system at the lowest cost in the industry. In contrast to some systems purchase is a one-time cost — no monthly or annual fees to continue using it. You buy it and you own it.

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