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Complete Turnkey Workstation for Stereology and Image Analysis of Neural Structures

Special emphasis on stereology quantification and image analysis/processing of neurons, glial cells, dendritic spines, peripheral nerves, ganglia, and other features associated with neuropathology and neurotoxicology.

Stereologer For Neuroscience includes:

  • Stereologer software for quantification of all stereology parameters and their variation.
  • Advanced image analysis/ image processing software for creating montages, 2-D to 3-D reconstruction and spatial mapping in 3-D.
  • 3-D fiber and neuron tracing, quantification and interactive analysis.
  • Installed on new microscope to your specifications (optional).
  • High performance XYZ stage control.
  • High resolution imaging system for light and fluorescence microscopy.
  • Enhanced computer processing speed and high resolution monitor.
  • Installation, set-up and training on Stereologer and unbiased stereology at your facility.
  • Dual stage micrometer.
  • Neurostereology by Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D. (published by John Wiley & Sons, 2014).
  • Discount registration at Stereology Workshops.
Stereologer Cavalieri Point Counting Volume
  • Cost for a complete turn-key Stereologer For Neural Systems package is tens of thousands of dollars less than comparable systems from other vendors.
  • Support includes step-by-step User Manual and Tutorial, professionally published stereology books, and no-cost upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting by email, phone, and remote desktop access.

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