Fully Automatic Stereology Technology (FAST)™

The Stereologer™ system can now be equipped with a Fully Automatic Stereology Technology (FAST)™ module.  The FAST module allows neuroscientists to automatically quantify the true number of stained neurons, astrocytes and microglia using the unbiased optical fractionator method.  The goal is to dramatically accelerate the pace of neuroscience research worldwide by lowering the time, labor and opportunity costs for stereology studies of neural tissue.

Other Features Of The FAST module:

  • First approach to combine Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) with unbiased stereology.
  • Developed with support of competitive grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF).
  • Uses the same hardware (microscope, X-Y-Z motorized stage, digital camera, desktop computer) in Stereologer and all other brands of computerized stereology systems.
  • Patent-protected [1,2] under U.S. and foreign patent laws.
  • More accurate, precise and 10 times more efficiency than conventional (manual) stereology [3].

The FAST module is optimized for basic and preclinical neuroscience research typically done at academic institutions, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

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