Stereology Workshops

Stereologer With Advanced Image Analysis

Components of this Stereology Workstation include:

  • Stereologer software for quantification of all stereology parameters and their variation.
  • Comprehensive image analysis and image processing software and training
  • High performance XYZ stage control for stereology.
  • Advanced high resolution imaging system.
  • High performance RAM processing with high resolution monitor.
  • Microscope equipped with fluorescence for low to high resolution imaging (optional).
  • Installation and set-up at client’s facility.
  • Training on unbiased stereology and Stereologer system operation at client’s facility.
  • Dual stage micrometer.
  • Discount registration for Stereology Workshops.
  • Stereologer User Manual and Stereology Textbook.
  • Pricing for Stereologer with Advanced Image Analysis depends on microscope requirements.
  • Support includes installation and training; step-by-step user manual; professionally published stereology books; and no-cost (no annual fees for upgrades, maintenance and troubleshooting by email, phone, and remote desktop access.

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