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Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D., is a Johns Hopkins-trained neuroscientist and an expert in the applications of unbiased stereology to biological tissues (for detailed biosketch).  After completing a post-doctoral fellowship in Denmark with Professor Hans J.G. Gundersen, Dr. Mouton returned to the U.S. to help launch the Unbiased Stereology movement with Stereology Workshops, the Stereologer systemStereology Outsourcing, Stereology textbooks and Stereology-related peer-reviewed scientific studies.

SRC Biosciences (Stereology Resource Center, Inc.)

Dr. Mouton is the founding CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of the SRC Biosciences (Stereology Resource Center, Inc.), a Maryland-based corporation dedicated to the development and dissemination of reliable methods for the quantitative analysis of biological tissues.  Currently, he is leading efforts funded by the NSF and NIH to develop deep learning (artificial intelligence) based software for accurate, precise and efficient stereology of stained cells on tissue sections (see below).

Leadership Team

SRC Biosciences is led by a talented team of scientists, computer engineers, sales & support staff and business managers, all dedicated to providing customers with the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective stereology products and services available.

Senior Management
Director of Operations and CFO: Sammie L. Elkins (
Hardware Sales & Support: Scott E. McElhiney (
Chief Programmer: Joel Durgavich, Ph.D.
Chief, Algorithm Development: Hady Phoulady, Ph.D. (
Director Intellectual Property:  Steven Medina, J.D. (
Administrative & Billing: Amanda Hiatt (
Stereology CRO Contracts: Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D. (
All other:

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Key Collaborators Professor Dmitry Goldgof (University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida), Dmitry Goldgof, Ph.D. (; and Associate Professor Zbynek Tonar (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic).

Computerized Stereology Systems. The Stereologer system is the first computerized stereology system specifically developed for highly efficient manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic stereology of stained tissue sections and images.  We offer Turnkey Stereologer systems and integrate Stereologer with client’s existing microscopes, cameras and computers.

Technology Development. The Stereologer system receives competitive peer-reviewed grant support from federal (NIH, NSF), state and local universities.  Recent examples includes  grants from the NIH, NSF and Florida High Tech Corridor to develop and commercialize Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Deep Learning for the state-of-the-art  Stereologer system.  This self counting Stereology approach, “Fully Automatic Stereology Technology (FAST),” uses the same hardware components (microscope, camera, XYZ stage-motor) as all manual computer-assisted systems, including all commercial stereology systems sold by all vendors since the mid 1990s.

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Stereology Books. “Principles and Practices of Unbiased Stereology: An Introduction To Biosciences,” and “Unbiased Stereology: A Concise Guide” published by The Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore MD) are introductory textbooks on unbiased stereology for bioscientists and neuroscientists.

Neurostereology,” published by The John Wiley Press (Boston MA) is devoted to stereology applications to neural tissue.

Since 1995 the Stereology Core Facility has provided bioscientists with professional outsourcing of stereology analysis and professional tissue processing.

stereology analysis

Stereology Training. All Stereologer customers receive comprehensive training as needed to ensure rapid, accurate and efficient data collection through Stereology Workshops at locations in the U.S. and abroad.  SRC Biosciences also provides free monthly Stereology Webinars to all interested participants (click here to register). To date, these courses and webinars have trained more than 4000 bioscientists in the theory, practices and applications of unbiased stereology to biological tissue.