Stereology Products

Computerized Stereology Systems

Stereologer systems combine state-of-the-art stereology and image analysis solutions with the top support team in the industry.

Turnkey Stereologer Packages include a new microscope with your choice of optics (recommend 4x, 10x, 40x, and 63x or 100x). The second option is to add Stereologer to your existing microscope and other hardware (motorized stage, camera, computer).

All Stereologer systems include:

    • Software preinstalled and configured on a new computer 
    • High resolution digital imaging system 
    • High performance motorized XYZ stage 
    • Initial “Stereology Bootcamp” to set-up your current and planned projects with a professional study design.
    • Your choice from three stereology books by P.R. Mouton published by The Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore, MD) and John C. Wiley Press (Boston, MA).
    • Three years of continuing Stereology and Technical Support via email, phone and remote access.

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Stereology Workshops

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Stereology Books

In collaboration with top publishers of medical-science textbooks, the SRC produces professionally written and illustrated stereology books for beginners and scientists with previous stereology experience.

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