Stereology Products

Computerized Stereology Systems

Stereologer systems combine state-of-the-art stereology and image analysis solutions with the top support team in the industry.

All Stereologer systems include:

        • Current version state-of-the-art Stereologer software
        • Preinstalled on a new computer 
        • High-resolution digital imaging 
        • Motorized XYZ stage 
        • Stereology Training remote or on-site
        • Three years of support via email, phone and remote access.

Turnkey Stereologer Packages include a new microscope with your choice of optics (recommend 4x, 10x, 40x, and 63x or 100x). Or add Stereologer to your existing microscope.

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Stereology Workshops

Cost-effective outsourcing with rapid turn-around

Stereology Books

In collaboration with top publishers of medical-science textbooks, the SRC produces professionally written and illustrated stereology books for beginners and scientists with previous stereology experience.

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