Monthly “Free-for-All”  Stereology Webinar from SRC Biosciences

Applications of Unbiased Stereology to Neural Systems

What: Free Webinar on Unbiased Stereology

Purpose: To enhance applications of unbiased stereology to biological tissue.

When: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Time: 0900 to 1200 (9:00 to 12:00 Eastern Standard Time

Format: PowerPoint presentation, computerized system demos, automatic stereology (under development), interactive Q & A.

Instructor: Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D., Stereology Resource Center, Tampa, FL, USA

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For more than two decades SRC Biosciences (Stereology Resource Center, Inc.) has provided professional stereology training through webinars, workshops and short courses.  This training has provide more than 4000 students and experienced neuroscientists and principal investigators with reliable information on the theoretical and practice aspects of unbiased stereology, with emphasis on applications to neural tissue.

Major topics covered by Stereology Webinar include:

      • Stereology theory and practice for neuroscientists
      • Important terminology, orientation and definitions
      • Optimal accuracy, precision and efficiency
      • Introduction to computerized stereology systems
      • Improve benefit:cost ratios with optimal numbers of animals, sections and locations.
      • Efficient study designs
      • Histological techniques and considerations
      • Peer-review support

Webinar Instructor: Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, SRC Biosciences, Tampa, FL. Dr. Mouton is a long-time peer reviewer for journals and funding agencies, an experienced mentor, and author or co-author of more than 100 peer-reviewed books, reviews and scientific articles.