Stereology Training and Workshops

For over two decades these stereology training and workshops have been the major resource for bioscientists worldwide interested in learning the principles and practices of unbiased (design-based) stereology.

Important topics include:

    • efficient study designs and data collection using computerized systems.
    • optimal tissue handling and histological procedures for stereological analysis.
    • probe combinations to quantify cells, dendrites, capillaries and other biological structures.
    • how to determine the optimal number of sections, animals and probes.

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Peter R. Mouton, Ph.D., Scientific Director of the SRC and Professor of Stereology, Department of Pathology and Cell Biology, University of South Florida School of Medicine, Tampa, FL.

Dr. Mouton is a recognized expert on the applications of unbiased stereology to biological tissue and author of numerous books and chapters including the following available from and other on-line book sellers:

    • Principles and Practices of Unbiased Stereology: an Introduction For Bioscientists (2002) The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.
    • Unbiased Stereology: A Concise Guide (2011) The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore.
    • Neurostereology (2013) Wiley-Blackwell Press, Boston.
    • Quantitative Anatomy Using Unbiased Stereology (2014) CRC Press, London.

Syllabus Objectives:

  • Important terminology, theory, and practical aspects
  • Study design, supervision and expectations
  • Optimize data collection for maximal efficiency
  • Important review criteria for journals and funding agencies

Prerequisites. College-level statistics and a desire to gain proficiency in design-based (unbiased) stereology.

Computerized Stereology

Stereology Workshops

Stereologer System

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For more than two decades the SRC has provided more stereology resources to the international bioscience community than any other company.

Stereology Books

Authoritative and well-illustrated books on the theory and applications of design-based stereology to biological tissue.

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