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Stereology Contract Research Organization

In 1996, we introduced the first Stereology Contract Research Organization (CRO) for outsourcing stereology studies from the worldwide community of academia, government and private research laboratories.

After more than two decades and hundreds of projects, SRC Biosciences continues to meet the challenges of rapid stereology outsourcing. In addition to full study design and stereology data collection, we work closely with our strategic partners to offer a complete range of tissue processing services, including paraffin embedding, frozen sectioning, histochemical and immunocytochemical staining.


The process is simple:

              • We develop a study design with you via teleconference, email and remote access to your desktop as needed.
              • We send shipping instructions for your stained sections; if needed, we send our protocol for tissue perfusion and harvesting to ensure optimal results.
              • We process your tissue to cover slipped slides.
              • We collect stereology data on your tissue using state-of-the-art computerized systems.
              • We provide a full report with tabular and graphical results, methodological details and references for peer-reviewed publications, funding proposals, progress reports.
              • We return all tissue and slides to you.

Confidentiality. All Stereology Contract Research Organization work is carried out under strict confidentiality.  Whenever possible, data collected is done blind to treatment.
Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Compliance with GLP is available for products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, including food and color additives, animal food additives, human and animal drugs, medical devices for human use, biological products, and electronic products. This compliance is intended to assure the quality and integrity of the safety data filed pursuant to regulatory sections of the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 21, parts 11 and 58) and sections 406, 408, 409, 502, 503, 505, 506, 510, 512-516, 518-520, 721, and 801 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and sections 351 and 354-360F of the Public Health Service Act.

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