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Stereology (ster-ē-äl-əjē)

from the Greek, stereos — the study of three-dimensional objects

      • Unbiased (design-based) Stereology: stereology solutions specifically designed to avoid all known sources of methodological bias when quantifying biological structure.
      • Stereologer (ster-ē-äl-əjər): an innovative, user-friendly and state-of-the-art system (hardware-software-microscope-imaging) for quantifying biological structure with unbiased stereology.

Reviewers for scientific journals, funding agencies and regulatory bodies require design-based (unbiased) stereology analysis for morphometric studies of biological tissue. Examples include the microscopic analysis of tissue atrophy/hypertrophy, cell loss/proliferation, surface membrane expansion/contraction and fiber or capillary growth/degeneration.

        • Pathology and Toxicology: Understanding the mechanisms for disease and toxic effects.
        • Pharmacology and Therapeutics: Developing novel strategies for the therapeutic management of disease.
        • Experimental Psychology: Discovering brain-behavior correlations.

Since 1995 the SRC has provided more stereology solutions to global bioscience community than any other organization or institution.

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